Study Resources: 350-401 ENCOR

Errata for the Official Certification Guide is listed under “updates”.

Additional topics of study for the ENCOR exam:

Notes and study resources by chapter

Ch 1: Packet forwarding

Ch 2: Spanning Tree Protocol

Ch 3: Advanced STP Tuning

Ch 4: Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol

Ch 5: VLAN Trunks and EtherChannel Bundles

Ch 6: IP Routing Essentials


Ch 8: OSPF

Ch 9: Advanced OSPF

Ch 10: OSPFv3

Ch 11: BGP

  • Project TON – Connect to a live remote BGP peer without needing to setup an account.
  • BGP for All training videos

Ch 12: Advanced BGP

Ch 13: Multicast

Ch 14: QoS

Ch 15: IP Services

Ch 16: Overlay Tunnels

Ch 17: Wireless Signals and Modulation

Ch 18: Wireless Infrastructure

Ch 19: Understanding Wireless Roaming and Location Services

Ch 20: Authenticating Wireless Clients

Ch 21: Troubleshooting Wireless Connectivity

Ch 22: Enterprise Network Architectur

Ch 23: Fabric Technologies

Ch 24: Network Assurance

Ch 25: Secure Network Access Control

Ch 26: Network Device Access Control and Infrastructure Security

Ch 27: Virtualization

Ch 28: Foundational Network Programmability Concepts

Ch 29: Introduction to Automation Tools

Ch 30: Final Preparation