Our approach to learning

YYC Net Lab generally uses a Flipped Classroom approach in all of its courses. In short this means that the instructors are available to answer questions and provide direction, but not to lecture.

What does it take to be successful?

The onus is put on the student to be proactive in their learning. Here’s a series of ordered steps to help accomplish that goal:

  1. Read the module. Do the quizzes and labs as you encounter them. Do not do the end-of-module exam (yet). Build a list of questions as you go through this first pass. This list of questions should cover material from the mid-chapter quizzes, labs, etc.
  2. Attend the tutorial or ask questions in the Slack channel. Ask pointed questions so that YOUR questions are answered. Ensure you have gained understanding before moving on.
  3. At this point you’ve read the module. You’ve attended the tutorial. Go back through the module and re-do all the quizzes. If you are scoring anything other than perfect on them, go read the SPECIFIC areas where you are stumbling. Don’t bother re-reading the entire module. If this generates more questions; go ask those questions in the Slack channel.
  4. At this point you have a good handle on the quizzes. Do the end-of-module exam.

For many of our courses we have made flashcards available. Ask your instructor if any are available and how to access them.

Sometimes a concept won’t “click” right away. This is normal. Rather than fighting it, move on to the next chapter and come back to that missed concept in a few days. Sometimes it just takes time for the brain to process new ideas.

When is YYC Net Lab the wrong choice?

The YYC Net Lab approach to learning is not for everyone. Here are a few cases where finding other options may be preferable:

  1. If you are too shy to ask questions in a group of your peers
  2. If you need an instructor to constantly push you to ensure you do the work
  3. If you are not comfortable trying new things and potentially stumbling through it the first few times