New Student Information

Thanks for registering for a class with YYC Net Lab!  We’re here to help you on your learning path.  As much as we’d like to we can’t learn things for you but we can help get you set on the right path with the right tools.

Packet Tracer (required)

You will need to install Packet Tracer.  It can be found when you login to Netacad -> Resources -> Download PacketTracer.

Test your computer for compatibility (required)

There are a few assessments you will be doing from your computer that require that certain software is installed.  You can check you computers compatibility with the Environment Checker tool:

Lab Workbook (required)

Every CCNA course we offer includes a Lab Workbook.  Contact your instructor to get yours.  No extra charge; it’s included in the cost of your enrollment.  Remember to write your name in it so that we can help return it to you if it’s misplaced during a classroom session.

Why is this required?  You will need to show that you have completed certain labs in order to write your Lab Exam.  See: for more information.


All current YYC Net Lab students can be granted access to our Dropbox folder of Anki flashcards.  These can help you memorize many of the terms and concepts you will need throughout this course.  To get access you will need to do a couple things:

  1. Send your instructor a message (email or through Netacad) with an email address they can use to grant you access to our Dropbox share.
  2. Install Anki:

We really like how Anki uses spaced repetition to help you focus on areas where you are week and gloss over areas where you already have a solid understanding.


Install PuTTY:

Other Workbooks

CCNA1:Introduction to Networks and CCNA2:Routing and Switching Essentials both have additional workbooks that need to be completed and handed-in when you complete the associated chapter.  Reach out to your instructor for your printed copy.

Cisco Spark

We use Cisco Spark for video conferencing and chat.  It’s a great option for those times that you can’t make it to class but still want some time with the instructors to ask questions.  Feel free to drop questions into Spark any time.  Instructors will get to them when they are able.

To join, send your instructor a note with the email address they should send the Spark invitation to.