CCNP Enterprise

I’m pleased to say that YYC Net Lab now has access to the Cisco Network Academy curriculum for both the CCNP ENCOR and CCNP ENARSI curriculum.

Currently, there is no dollar cost to enroll in these courses for Alberta residents.

But it’s not free.

If you’d like to get access to this course (which comes with remote lab access) you will need:

  1. a copy of the appropriate book (the Cisco Press “Official Certification Guide” for either ENCOR or ENARSI). YYC Net Lab has a limited number for sale. Buy it from us, Amazon, use O’Reilly books online, whatever works for you.
  2. to add a 3-digit number to this file on Github by issuing a Pull Request (not to be confused with a “pull”):
  3. to reach out to the instructor (Mark@) for access to the course.

This course is ongoing. Jump in anytime. Because of how the course is structured you can start participating immediately just by reading the section of the book we are currently in. Each section of the text is fairly stand-alone so you don’t need to worry about being behind when you jump in. We aim for one chapter per week. Sometimes more depending on how short the chapter is.

The ENCOR and ENARSI will be covered in a cycle. Once one course is done, we’ll start the next, then loop back again to the first.

There is a weekly Webex session for students where we discuss the curriculum, go through questions, and occasionally do labs. Details are found under “Resources” below.