CCNA Instructor Fast Track

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2022 CCNA Instructor Fast Track

The Instructor Fast Track is not currently being offered.

Course Details: CCNA Instructor Fast Track

The CCNA Instructor Fast Track program is for current and future instructors that already have a valid CCNA certification.

The course schedule is up to the candidate.  There are a set of practice labs that we strongly recommend you do a few times each prior to the final exam.  The final exam is scheduled between you and the instructor trainer and can be done whenever we both have three hours free.  Technically, you could enroll, skip the practice exams, schedule the classroom teaching session, and schedule the final exam with the instructor trainer for next week and be 100% complete within a couple weeks.  If the need was there, we might be able to get everything done within a single day (but that would be exhausting). You start the process as soon as you are enrolled.

The course fee includes everything you need to complete the instructor fast track. There are no hidden fees. If you need to re-certify please do that before enrolling in this course (see pre-requirements).

The Instructor Fast Track process has these pre-requirements:

  1. You need to be listed as an instructor at a Cisco Network Academy. You will also need to know the ID number for your Academy.
  2. You must already hold the relevant certification. If you are doing the CCNA Instructor Fast Track then you must hold a current CCNA certification. If your certification expires before the end of the calendar year you should renew it before enrolling in this course.
  3. You will need a computer with Cisco WebEx installed with both audio and video conferencing ability; you need a webcam and microphone.

The Instructor Fast Track process has these steps:

  1. Prove that you are already certified (publish your credentials). This can be done by “publishing” your credentials over on CertMetrics.
  2. Teach a topic to a small class (can be done over a WebEx videoconference). You will have advance notice of the topic you will be teaching. Meeting details are available here.
  3. Complete a lab exam using physical equipment (can be done remotely with WebEx) with a score of at least 80%. Information for the Lab exam is listed below.
  4. Send an email to NetAcad AFTER you have successfully completed the course and your instructor has marked you as “accredited”. The template below has all of the required information