Become an Instructor

Are you interested in becoming an instructor at YYC Net Lab?

Our team of instructors are all volunteers. Although there’s no pay there are a number of benefits:

  • Able to expense successfully completed certification exams that pertain to any course taught by YYC Net Lab
  • Able to borrow equipment from our inventory
  • Access to curriculum as it becomes available
  • Able to order books through our academic partnerships at cost plus shipping, or for free if it’s relevant to a course taught by YYC Net Lab
  • Free access to any of the courses available through YYC Net Lab
  • An opportunity to learn from students and give back to the community
  • Instructor status at YYC Net Lab for all Cisco Network Academy courses is transferable to other institutions

Steps to become an instructor:

  1. Complete the certification for any course you want to teach. All of our instructors are certified in all courses that they teach.
  2. Send an email to info@ and let us know that you’d like to teach with us.
  3. Depending on the course you want to teach you may need to complete an instructor training course. YYC Net Lab will provide this course free of charge. YYC Net Lab’s Instructor Trainer is able to offer instructor training for almost all courses available from Cisco’s Network Academy.

The commitment:

Teach a course from start to finish after you have become an instructor. This typically involves a weekly online tutorial session.